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Mrs Doreen Fearnley of Preston, Weymouth, Dorset, was born in Dorchester in 1921 and her father Mr Albert Hissey was a local builder who helped construct the very first council houses in the town. She moved to Preston with her first husband Cyril, during the Second World War where they worked together printing secret documents for the Government. She currently lives in a lovely house overlooking Weymouth Bay which she designed and built with her second husband, Derek. As a member of the Preston Ladies Circle she is still actively involved in her local community driving other members to and from meetings and enjoying the weekly keep fit classes. At the impressive age of 91 Doreen is happy to demonstrate her ability to still touch her toes; she says she was “born too soon”.
Widowed for a second time Doreen has been knitting teddy bears for charity since 2005 and is currently working on teddy bear number 945. Each bear is lovingly made from brand new wool and stuffing and they are all washable. When 20 or more are finished they are sold to raise money for Charity and some are given to local hospitals and groups. Even our local ambulances carry a few teddies to give to children involved in emergency situations. Although designed for children the bears appeal to all age groups and Doreen has been asked to knit teddy bears in various football strips as mascots for fans from all over the country.
People love these teddy bears and they have traveled as far away as Kent, Worcester, Southampton, Walsingham in Norfolk, and London. Her neighbour Flora took one teddy bear to Canada where it was so popular that on her next visit she took a whole box of teddies. If you own one of these teddy bears we invite you to contact us with a photo telling us how you got your bear and where you live to [email protected]
If you would like to buy a Teddy Bear and help Julia's House you can see them on We only ask for a minimum donation of £3.00 each and 100% of money raised goes directly to Julia's House the Dorset Children's’ Hospice. This year a Jubilee Bear in red, blue and white is available.
Doreen says that her teddy bears are “my donation to charity” she pays for all the cost of materials herself and receives no money from sales. Go back to the home page and at the bottom of the page select "Doreen's Teddies" to order yours now and help us reach over 1000 teddies sold in aid of the charity.
The First Ever TEDDYDoreen with some teddies!!Teddies taking over!!These three like Gardening!Can you still see us?Still knitting then? ....Some of us are stuffed!Can you stuff my brother too please?A bit too close for comfort -packed and ready to goWow !! Is this your list?We're bowled over !Special edition me!Rule Brittania!We can..canEasier without crossed legs!Need a Drink!Its posted OKWheeeee...Out of the Frying Pan.....Ted-in-the-box