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To Buy "actual hand-knitted-teddies" (not the photo of the Teddy) follow this procedure:-
Click "Select Photos" and the photos you then select shows the picture of the actual teddy you will receive. If we do not have stock of those colours will will inform you by return and give you the options to wait until your choice is available or accept alternative colours. Please ensure to give us your email address as primary communication is by email. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL MONEY COLLECTED IS GIVEN TO OUR CHARITY JULIA'S HOUSE. THE DORSET CHILDREN'S HOSPICE. To read up on further information about Doreen please visit our gallery "1000 Teddies" on the "Home Page" under "Featured Galleries"
Royal Jubilee TedBlue & Yellow TedRed & White TedAqua & White TedBlue & Pink TedIce Blue & White TedRed & Yellow TedAqua & Pink TedAqua & Yellow TedPurple & Pink TedBlue & Orange Ted